Concrete Mixing Plant

Thlokomelo Management believes that concrete is a material with highly sensitive variable properties that needs delicate attention, specific to the project and environment at hand. It is for this cause that above offering the best price on the concrete. We design a site-specific concrete solution that looks at the season of construction, storage of the aggregates, calculate the mix of raw material for concrete that is batched every hour of the day. We choose aggregates, which has strength, size, shape modulus elasticity, absorption, and mineral composition that suits each specific site. Cement has to match the hydration and use that each site requires as oppose to always using the stronger cement if such a thing does exist anyway. For assistance with the best solution at the minimum cost of the concrete demands that you have at your site please contact us.

The following plant is available for hire as a set:

  • Loader
  • Batching plant 6 m3
  • Concrete Mixer 6 m3
  • Plant is offered as a complete set at affordable rate
Plant Hire
Plant Hire

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