About Us

Thlokomelo Management is an integrated multi-disciplinary infrastructure construction firm founded in 2000 to focus on delivering of innovative civil engineering, road, pipeline, bulk earthworks and concrete infrastructure with a particular focus on rural and township infrastructure development. Founded by partners with a vast experience in civil engineering, project management and architectural design services who shared a common vision to create a truly pan-African infrastructure practice, Thlokomelo boosts more than 10 years of civil engineering and architectural design experience.

At Thlokomelo, we are pioneering a new model of empowerment that seeks to ensure that local community members receive life-long skills through onsite training in each of the civil construction projects that Thlokomelo undertakes. Thlokomelo’s unique engagement model ensures that each project receives our full attention through an onsite team that is staffed by professionals with the requisite skills and experience to ensure successful project delivery and skills transfer to local communities. Thlokomelo also leverages the experience and expertise of global construction partners with an established international track record in civil engineering and infrastructure development.

Our Business Philosophy
Thlokomelo’s approach in delivering its services to its clients is based on a long lasting partnership based on the premise of shared risks and rewards between Thlokomelo and its customers. We aim to deliver infrastructure solutions that not only meet your needs, but also fundamentally transform the communities we serve.

Thlokomelo Management’s unique business approach is based on its ability to identify, understand and often anticipate our customer’s requirements, thus enabling us to deliver infrastructure solutions that can have a fundamental transformative effect in the communities that we serve. We do this through exploiting our team’s experience and through an appreciation of local operating conditions in the communities that we serve.

Thlokomelo remains a company that:
• Actively endeavors to deliver quality and innovative infrastructure to our clients delivering both new value creating opportunities and expertise; and
• Ensures that our civil engineering and architectural services are accompanied by a superb customer service experience that is a key differentiator of our offering in the market
• We also aim to transform communities by ensuring that real empowerment through skills transfer accompanies each one of our projects ensuring that we increase our pool of skilled workers by
investing in the communities we work with.

Black Economic Empowerment
Thlokomelo Management is a 100% black owned company that is committed to economic empowerment and skills development. To us, BEE is about bridging the gap between the historical disadvantages of the past and the possibilities of the future. It is about ensuring that we nurture that important link between the company and the community. With a primary focus on the development of skills and employment opportunities within the Construction and Civil Engineering sector, Emphasis is placed on empowering and enabling previously disadvantaged individuals and communities, in order to create sustainability.

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